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### - A website to publish presentations with video and slides synchronized.
Copyright (C) 2012 Federico Fissore
This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program. If not, see <>.
"use strict"
if require?
XRegExp = require("./node_modules/xregexp/xregexp-all.js").XRegExp
else if window?
XRegExp = window.XRegExp
exec_for_each = (callable, elements, callback) ->
return callback(undefined, elements) if elements.length is 0
exec_times = 0
for element in elements
callable element, (err) ->
return callback(err) if err?
return callback(undefined, elements) if exec_times is elements.length
cut_string_at = (str, size) ->
if str? and str.length > size + 3
return "#{str.substring(0, size)}..."
remove_unwanted_fields_from = (obj, fields_to_remove) ->
for key, value of obj
delete obj[key] if key in fields_to_remove
ensure_only_wanted_fields_in = (obj, allowed_fields) ->
for key, value of obj
delete obj[key] unless key in allowed_fields
remove_unwanted_map_of_fields_from = (objtype, obj, map_of_fields_to_remove) ->
return unless map_of_fields_to_remove[objtype]?
fields_to_remove = map_of_fields_to_remove[objtype]
remove_unwanted_fields_from obj, fields_to_remove
ensure_only_wanted_map_of_fields_in = (objtype, obj, map_of_allowed_fields) ->
return unless map_of_allowed_fields[objtype]?
allowed_fields = map_of_allowed_fields[objtype]
ensure_only_wanted_fields_in obj, allowed_fields
visit_presentation = (presentation, func, fields_or_maps_of_fields) ->
if func.length is 3
apply_on = (objtype, obj) -> null, objtype, obj, fields_or_maps_of_fields
apply_on = (objtype, obj) -> null, obj, fields_or_maps_of_fields
apply_on "presentation", presentation
if presentation.comments?
for comment in presentation.comments
apply_on "comment", comment
apply_on "user", comment.user if comment.user?
return unless presentation.chapters?
for chapter in presentation.chapters
apply_on "chapter", chapter
apply_on "video", if
if chapter.slides?
for slide in chapter.slides
apply_on "slide", slide
if slide.comments?
for comment in slide.comments
apply_on "comment", comment
apply_on "user", comment.user if comment.user?
chars = "0123456789qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm"
non_word_chars = XRegExp("[^\\p{L}\\p{N}]", "g")
punct = XRegExp("\\p{P}", "g")
short_words = XRegExp("\\b\\w{1,2}\\b", "g")
spaces = XRegExp("\\s", "g")
generate_id = (accent_fold, title) ->
id = ""
for idx in [0...5]
c = parseInt(Math.random() * chars.length)
id = id.concat(chars[c])
return id unless title? and title isnt ""
title = accent_fold(title.toLowerCase())
#title = XRegExp.replace(title, non_word_chars, " ")
title = XRegExp.replace(title, punct, "")
title = XRegExp.replace(title, short_words, "")
title = XRegExp.replace(title, spaces, "_")
while title.indexOf("__") isnt -1
title = title.replace("__", "_")
title = title.replace(/[_]+$/, "")
title = title.replace(/^[_]+/, "")
title.concat("_", id)
is_url_valid = (url) ->
url = "{url}" if url.indexOf("/") is 0
uri = Uri(url)
host =
path = uri.path()
host? and host isnt "" and host.indexOf(".") isnt -1 and path? and path isnt ""
my_parse_float = (s, precision = 100) ->
f = parseFloat(s)
Math.round(f * precision) / precision
root = exports ? (@utils = {})
root.exec_for_each = exec_for_each
root.cut_string_at = cut_string_at
root.remove_unwanted_fields_from = remove_unwanted_fields_from
root.remove_unwanted_map_of_fields_from = remove_unwanted_map_of_fields_from
root.ensure_only_wanted_fields_in = ensure_only_wanted_fields_in
root.ensure_only_wanted_map_of_fields_in = ensure_only_wanted_map_of_fields_in
root.visit_presentation = visit_presentation
root.generate_id = generate_id
root.is_url_valid = is_url_valid
root.my_parse_float = my_parse_float