🚚 San Francisco's finger-licking street food now at your fingertips.
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SF Food Trucks

San Francisco's finger-licking street food now at your fingertips.


This is a fun application built to accompany the docker curriculum which is a comprehensive tutorial on getting started with Docker targeted especially at beginners. The app is built with Flask on the backend and Elasticsearch is the search engine powering the searches. The front-end is built with React and the beautiful maps are courtesy of Mapbox.

If you find the design of the website a bit ostentatious, blame Genius for giving me the idea of using this color scheme. Lastly, the data for the food trucks is made available in public domain by SF Data.


There are two different ways of getting the app up and running with Docker. To learn more how these two differ, checkout the docker curriculum.

Docker Network
$ ./setup-docker.sh
Docker Compose
$ docker-compose up

The app can also be easily deployed on AWS Elastic Container Service. Once you have aws ecs cli installed, you can run the following to deploy it on ECS!

$ ./setup-aws-ecs.sh

Learn more at docker-curriculum.