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GettUp is a simple command line utility which lets you share and upload files to the sharing service quickly and easily.


GettUp is distributed as a python package. Do the following to install

sudo pip install gettup
sudo easy_install gettup
# download source and cd to it
sudo python install


  1. Make an account on
  2. Obtain an api key by creating an app.
  3. Run the application. The app will ask for your credentials the first the app is run.
$ gett file1.txt
Please enter your email:
Please enter your password: verysecurepassword
Please enter your API KEY: supersecretapikey
Validating credentials ...
Credentials verified ...
Constructing a new share ...
Uploading file:
Setting up a file name ...
Uploading the file...
Upload successful. Here's your url:


gett displays a helpful help text when run with the -h flag.

$ gett
usage: [-h] [-s share_id] [-t share_title] [-i share_id]
               [-d share_id [share_id ...]] [-l] [-r file_url [file_url ...]]
               [files [files ...]]

Upload files to via the command line

Command Examples -

$ gett                            # show help
$ gett file1 file2 file3          # upload files (in same share)
$ gett *.py                       # linux globs (upload)
$ gett *.py -s sharename          # upload file in the specific share
$ gett *.py -s sharename -t title # gives the title to the new share
$ gett --list                     # show list of shares
$ gett -d share1 share2 share3    # deletes the shares
$ gett -r url1 url2 url 3         # deletes the file url
$ gett -q {etc}                   # quiet mode
$ gett -i sharename               # get share info

To upload a file, use the -u flag. By default, gett will create a new share for uploading the file. Use the -s flag, alongwith a sharename to upload to an existing share

$ gett something.txt
Constructing a new share ...
Setting up a file name ...
Uploading the file...
Upload successful. Here's your url:

$ gett something.txt -s 5d1ctaB1
Setting up a file name ...
Uploading the file...
Upload successful. Here's your url:

To delete a share use the -d flag. To get more info about a share, use the -s flag accompanied by a sharename.

$ gett -d 1NcgabB1
Destroying share ...
1NcgabB1 share has been destroyed

$ gett -r
Deleting file ...
File has been successfully destroyed


To upgrade GettUp run the following command

sudo pip install -U gettup


Thanks to gett-cli for inspiration, which is, at present, for Python 3 only.


Gettup is released under the MIT license.