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A simple file copy tool from command prompt(terminal) using file-index No more copy pasting or remembering long file urls. You can upload download files with commands like.

You can also find this doc on

$ ele upload project-abc-version123.txt

This will return a file-number example : 421 . To download this file using file-number

$ ele download 421


For development, you will only need Node.js and a node global package, npm installed in your environement.

Usage & Configuration

  • installation

    To install ele run $ sudo npm install -g helloele

    To uninstall ele run $ sudo npm uninstall -g helloele

  • create-group

    To use ele you first need to create a group and provide your AWS S3 storage credentials (these credentails are stored in your computer never sent to helloeele server). $ ele create-group avengers-group

This command asks for your AWS S3 compatable storage credentials (Tested with AWS S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, BackBlaze). And it will produces a group file example:- avengers-group.ini

You as group admin share this file with other members in your group with email or other means. Once the memebers received this file, they can join the group as.

$ ele join avengers-group.ini

Now you can upload download files between your group by simply using file-indexes.

To upload a file called "" $ ele upload

this will return a file-number ex:- 101

Your group memebers can download this file by running

$ ele download 101

Thats all, please share your feedback and suggestions.


Simple Group file sharing with file-index's.







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