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Really specific details:

Players start out on a circle with radius 10 and equally spaced from each other. The balloon starts at (0, 0) with height 30.

Every turn:

  • Loop through the list of players
    • Call player.move(map, balloon). map is a shallow copy of the arena. Let the result be a.
    • If a is an instance of Movement then:
      • If a.x*a.x + a.y*a.y > speed*speed then continue on to the next iteration of the loop.
      • Change the location of the player to (currentX + a.x, currentY + a.y)
    • If a is an instance of Hit then:
      • Make sure that balloon.height <= 10 and that balloon.location.distance(currentLocation) <= 4
      • Change the velocity of the balloon
        • Add to velocityX: a.dirX * nextDouble() * luck (where nextDouble() is a number between 0 and 1).
        • Repeat for velocityY and velocityZ.
      • Add the player to the list of those who hit the balloon this step
    • With the balloon:
      • Choose a resistance factor r between 0.6 and 0.8.
      • Add a random number between -1 and 1 to all velocities of the balloon.
      • Subtract 3 from velocityZ (gravity)
      • Multiply all the velocities by r
      • Change the (x, y) location by velocityX and velocityY. Change height by velocityZ. If height <= 0 then set height = velocityX = velocityY = velocityZ = 0.
    • For each player who hit the balloon, choose a random number between 0 and luck. Choose a player randomly using those numbers as weights. This player is saved into the variable that keeps track of who last hit the balloon.
    • If the balloon's height is exactly 0:
      • Create a map called m. This map represents the chance that each player has to be chosen.
      • Then for each player:
        • Add the key value pair (player, 1/(distance + nextDouble()*luck)) to map m.
      • Let total be the sum of all the values of map m.
      • Each player has chance / total probability of being chosen to lose 4 points. Choose accordingly and remove 4 points.
      • Add 3 to the score of the player who last hit the balloon.
      • Set the balloon's height back to 30
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