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A simple and customizable WordPress plugin that allows you to add a MailChimp subscription signup form as a widget to dynamic sidebars. It works with the MailChimp API, so you will need access to a MailChimp account, your API Key, the datacenter for your account, and the ID of the list you want to add new subscribers to.


To install, upload the entire mailchimp-subscription-widget folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. You can then activate it in the Plugins section in WordPress.


After activating the plugin, a new settings page will be added to the sidebar in the WordPress dashboard called "MailChimp Subscription". This page has a number of settings that the plugin requires in order to work.

MailChimp API Settings

These fields are required in order to connect to your MailChimp account. The subscription form will not work without these settings.

Setting Name Description Notes
API Key This is what connects to your MailChimp account Instructions to generate an API Key
Datacenter This is the datacenter for your MailChimp account This can be found at the beginning of the url when logged into MailChimp, and should begin with "us" followed by a number
List ID This is the ID of the list you want to add new subscribers to This can be found in the "List name and campaign defaults" section of your list

Default Text Settings

These fields are the default text options for widgets. They can still be changed individually per widget.

Setting Name Description Notes
Title The title that will be displayed above the form Can be left blank
Description The description that will be displayed between the title and the form Can be left blank

Form Submission Messaging Settings

These fields control the messaging that appears after a user submits a subscription form.

Setting Name Description
Success Message The message that will appear if the user is successfully signed up to the list
Already Subscribed Message The message that will appear if the user is already subscribed to the list
Error Message The message that will appear if there is an error with the submission

Basic Usage

Because this plugin allows you to add widgets to dynamic sidebars, your theme needs to support dynamic sidebars and at least one sidebar should be registered. If your theme does not have this support, the "Widgets" menu will not appear under the "Appearance" menu and you won't be able to use the plugin.

Once you have updated all of the plugin settings, navigate to the "Widgets" menu under "Appearance" in the WordPress dashboard. You should now see a widget called "MailChimp Signup Widget". Drag and drop the widget to the sidebars you want it to appear in. If you want, you can change the title and description fields individually per widget. Otherwise, they will use the default text settings.

Theme Customization

There is no CSS included with the plugin, which allows you to theme the signup form to match your site with ease.


If you choose you no longer wish to use the plugin, simply deactivate and then delete it in the Plugins section in WordPress. After uninstalling, the widget and settings menu will be removed from WordPress, but the data you've entered is still stored in the database.

Questions? Comments? Issues?

You can use the Issues tab at the top of the page to leave questions, bug lists, or feature requests. You can also tweet any comments at @praliedutzel. Thanks for checking this out!

Current stable build: v1.0


Allows you to add a MailChimp subscription signup form as a widget in WordPress.




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