Big Data ETL and Utilities for Hadoop Map Reduce, Spark and Storm
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Hadoop based ETL and various utility classes for Hadoop and Storm


  • Simple to use
  • Input output in CSV format
  • Metadata defined in simple JSON file
  • Extremely configurable with many configuration knobs


  • Various relational algebra operation, including Projection, Join etc
  • Data extraction ETL to extract structured record from unstructured data
  • Data extraction ETL to extract structured record from JSON data
  • Data validation ETL with configurable rules and statistical parameters
  • Data profiling ETL with various techniques
  • Data transformation ETL with configurable transformation rules
  • Data normalization
  • Seasonal data analysis
  • Various statistical parameter calculation
  • Various long term statistical parameter calculation with incremental data
  • Bulk inset, update and delete of Hadoop data
  • Bases classes for Storm Spout and Bolt
  • Utility classes for string, configuration
  • Utility classes for Storm and Redis


The following blogs of mine are good source of details. These are the only source of detail documentation. Map reduce jobs in this projec are used in other projects including sifarish, avenir etc. Blogs related to thos projects are also relevant.


For Hadoop 1

  • mvn clean install

For Hadoop 2 (non yarn)

  • git checkout nuovo
  • mvn clean install

For Hadoop 2 (yarn)

  • git checkout nuovo
  • mvn clean install -P yarn

For spark

  • Build chombo first in master branch with
    • mvn clean install
    • sbt publishLocal
  • Build chombo-spark in chombo/spark directory
    • sbt clean package


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