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Set of Hadoop and Storm based tools for web analytic
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The goal of visitante is to calculate various web analytic metric as defined by Avinash Kaushik ( on the Hadoop and Storm platform. However, it has evolved into a general purpose log analytic and mining solution, beyond web server logs.

It also includes customer or marketing analytic solution. Since customer behavior data is mostly captured in logs, there is a close relationship between customer analytics and log analytics.


  • Simple and easy to use batch and real time web analytic
  • Highly configurable


The following blogs of mine are good source of details of visitante


  • Hadoop based batch analytic for

    • Num of pages visited
    • Total time spent
    • Last page visited
    • Flow status (e.g., whether checkout flow was entered, entered but not completed or completed)
    • Incident detection
    • Pattern based event detection with context
    • Customer life time value
  • Storm based real time analytic for

    • Bounce rate
    • Visit depth distribution
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