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A WYSIWYG for creating decentralised databases using IPFS and NuCypher


No knowledge of NuCypher or IPFS required to create decentralised databases

Applications you create will allow your users complete control over who has access to data that they share

Works on Ethereum Smart-Contracts - which means no 'single-point-of-failure'

Use Cases

  • Create a secret sharing app for your friends
  • Build a medical record file system for your hospital where patients can choose which doctors to share their reports with
  • Create a academic record file system for your university where students can share their academic transcripts with professors or employers


  1. Run a local fleet of Ursulas

     git clone
     cd nucypher
     sh scripts/local_fleet/
  2. Install Ganache-Cli (A Local Ethereum Blockchain)
    You can install ganache-cli by running the following command

    npm intall -g ganache-cli

    Then it can be initiated using ganache-cli
    This will provide a list of 10 account addresses and private keys.
    Make sure that only these Private Keys are to be used in the webapp, just for the sake of fast transaction confirmations.

  3. Clone The repo

    git clone
    cd cypherpress
    npm install #install dependencies
  4. Start the python server

     cd umbral
     flask run
  5. Run the WebApp

       cd ..  #go to the root directory of the repo
       yarn start
  6. Move to the http://localhost:3000 to view the app

Example Use Case (Medical Record File System)

  • Cypherpress can be used to build a data sharing platform where patients can share their medical records with doctors.

  • A hospital that might need such an application can use CypherPress. An administrator can use CypherPress to build such an app without learning about nucypher or IPFS.

  • The administrator can decide what data patients can share and which doctors they can share it with - all with the help of a simple Google-Form like UI

  • A similar application can be built by any school's administration, where students upload their performance reports and grant access to their teachers and future employers.

Demo Video

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