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is an easy-to-use software update framework for Cocoa developers.

  • True self-updating--no work required from the user.

  • Displays release notes to the user via WebKit.

  • Displays a detailed progress window to the user.

  • Supports authentication for installing in secure locations.

  • Really, really easy to install.

  • Uses appcasts for release information.

  • The user can choose to automatically download and install all updates.

  • Seamless integration—there's no mention of Sparkle; your icons and app name are used.

  • Supports DSA signatures for ultra-secure updates.

  • Sparkle requires no code in your app, so it's trivial to upgrade or remove the module.

New in Sparkle 1.5:

  • Optionally sends user demographic information to the server when checking for updates.

  • Dual-mode garbage collection support for any memory management style.

  • Sparkle doesn't bug the user until second launch for better first impressions.

  • Sparkle can install .pkg files for more complicated products.

  • Supports bundles, preference panes, plugins, and other software.

  • Supports branches due to minimum OS version requirements.

  • Deep delegate support to make Sparkle work exactly as you need.

  • Tons of other stuff! Read more about what's new.

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