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An extension for brackets that lets you look at the output of individual JS code statements while coding.

Currently only supports node and generic Javascript Projects. If you are working on a JS project that leverages Browser APIs, you won't get an output since the extension relies on being able to run your script in node

How to install

Install using Brackets' built in extension manager

How to use?

  • Goto View>JS Live Debugger or use Cmd-Shift-J to open the JS live debugger panel.

  • If you are currently editing Javascript code, the debugger will show you the output of any variable if your cursor is on a line that declares/mutates/references that variable. Plus, the value of that variable that's show is it's value after execution of the current line your cursor is on.

Known Issues

The biggest issue that currently exists it that the value of a variable at a line can't be displayed if program execution doesn't reach the given line.

You can test this by writing a function definiton that contains a variable declaration under it. No output will be shown when your cursor is on the variable, unless the function is called sometime during program execution.

Another major issue is the inability to use this on scripts that leverage browser APIs

I plan to look into PhantomJS to find a solution for this. If you'd like to contribute to do so, that would be awesome!


I built this extension as a tool that would help me and might potentially help a lot of other Brackets users. If you'd like to contribute and make this a better extension (while helping more people as you do so), follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Make changes
  3. Open a Pull Request


This project is Licensed under the GNU GPL v3 License (Refer to the LICENSE file in this repository).


Pranay Prakash - Personal Site, LinkedIn, Github


An extension for brackets that lets you look at the output of individual JS code statements while coding.







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