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Twitter Clone

This is a simple application created using React Native and Redux to mimic basic design and functionality of the official Twitter app. It uses fakerJs and json-server to run a demo server for the application.

Preview -



  • React Native
  • NativeBase for UI Elements
  • FakerJS
  • Lodash
  • Redux for State Management
  • Redux Saga
  • React Navigation

Get Started

1. Clone the Repo

On the command prompt run the following commands

$ git clone

$ cd Twitter-Clone/

$ npm install

$ npm install -g json-server

2. Run the server

Run the following command

$ npm run serve

To start the expo app

Run the following command

$ npm start

To run on iOS simulator/device

Run the following command

$ npm run ios

To run on android emulator/device

Run the following command

$ npm run android