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Packet Parsers

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Design Principles of Packet Parsers

  1. Separate parse graph and header extraction. It may be better to implement these two in different threads.
  2. It is preferable to perform all header extraction in one thread. Theoretically, it is possible to pipeline parse graph implementation with threads, but we have to be careful about the synchronization costs.
  3. Programmable parser is a better choice for implementation on Java platform. Refer to Algos 1-2; Figs 4,7-8 of the paper for details on programmable parsers.
  4. Since we are implementing the software on 64-bit platforms, it is better to choose chunk size in header parser to be 64-bits.
  5. We are trying to implement non-streaming parser. So Kangaroo parsing system works as a better reference for implementation.


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