ASP.NET Session Provider for MongoDB
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ASP.NET Session Provider for MongoDB

Status Note

Not maintained since: 2014

This project is not maintained. A lot has changed since then, and ASP.NET Core provides much better designed paradigms. That being said, it should work fine if you need to support some legacy code.


PM> Install-Package PVL.MongoSessionProvider

NuGet Pacakge Link:


Example session document:

> use SessionState;
> db.Sessions.find().pretty(); 

        "_id" : "i2guetwsm0mgaibb1gqmodfq",
        "App" : "/",
        "Created" : ISODate("2013-02-21T22:27:32.091Z"),
        "Expires" : ISODate("2013-02-22T22:30:59.267Z"),
        "LockDate" : ISODate("2013-02-21T22:29:54.481Z"),
        "LockId" : 1,
        "Timeout" : 20,
        "Locked" : true,
        "Items" : "AQAAAP////8EVGVzdAgAAAABBkFkcmlhbg==",
        "Flags" : 0

Scheduled session cleanup command: db.Sessions.remove({"Expires" : {$lt : new Date() }})

Example web.config settings:

   <add name="SessionState" connectionString="mongodb://localhost"/>
   <sessionState mode="Custom" timeout="1440" cookieless="false" customProvider="MongoSessionStateProvider">
       <add name="MongoSessionStateProvider" type="PVL.MongoSessionProvider" connectionStringName="SessionState" writeExceptionsToEventLog="false"/>