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Ambrose Pig Support


Ambrose integrates with Pig via Pig's PigProgressNotificationListener interface. The ambrose-pig script launches Pig with the Ambrose implementation of PPNL. This implementation starts an embedded Jetty server that exposes job runtime information to the Ambrose web UI.

Known issues

  • Ambrose currently requires Apache Pig's 0.11.0-SNAPSHOT build, which is not a production release.
  • Pig scripts with exec statements in them are not currently supported.

Pig patches

The Ambrose Pig integration requires a number of patches that are committed on the Pig trunk and scheduled for release in Pig 0.11.0. Hence, the Ambrose distribution includes a Pig 0.11.0-SNAPSHOT build. Note that running the pig-ambrose script will result in the script being executed with the Pig 0.11.0-SNAPSHOT runtime.

Running Ambrose with a released version of Pig < 0.11.0 should be possible by applying these patches to the release:

  • PIG-2660 - PPNL should get notified of plan before it gets executed (ready for commit)
  • PIG-2663 - Expose helpful ScriptState methods
  • PIG-2664 - Allow PPNL impls to get more job info during the run
  • PIG-2525 - Support pluggable PigProgressNotifcationListeners on the command line