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Hadopp Module For Puppet.

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This module was created to assist with the installation and configuration of hadoop. Simply edit the params.pp file and mapreduce your self away!


  • A tar.gz file needs to be placed into ~/modules/hadoop/files. You can download hadoop from here:
  • Once downloaded the params.pp file needs to be updated with the version downloaded.
  • The params.pp also requires the java module I have already published. That or the $java_home variable needs to be properly updated.

SSH Keys

The ssh keys for the hduser are in ~/files/ssh/ make sure you edit these files and put in your own public and private keys. If you are using this module for multiple hadoop servers the and id_rsa keys will be the same for each hduser. Also the authorized_keys file is defined in puppet as the file. If you wish to add support for other users you need to change the init.pp so authorized_keys is a differnt file in ~/files/ssh

Cluster Mode

Currently the configuration is setup for a cluster with atleast 3 nodes. Each node needs to be named in params.pp the first node should be defined as $master and the other two nodes should be defined as $slaves.

If adding more then 3 nodes up $replication value to the number of total nodes in your cluster. Also add each node to the $slaves variable.


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