Augmented Reality on Web (Web AR) for Kids to learn Alphabets with fun.
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Augmented Reality on Web for Kids to learn Alphabets with fun.

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What’s included?

  • A to Z 3D models
  • Navigate between different letters to show a respective 3D model
  • Rotate 3D model
  • Zoom in / out
  • Speaks the alphabet letter with word
  • works offline (PWA Support)

Getting Started

Clone the repository or download and run the index.html in local server. for ex: You can create local server with python. "python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000"


An AR marker to scan. Scan the below marker with letter 'G' or Print marker for better experience.

3D models displaying for each Alphabets.

Alphabet 3D Model
A Airplane ✈️
B Boat ⛵️
C Cow 🐮
D Deer
E Earth 🌎
F Flower 🌻
G Goat 🐐
H Headphone 🎧
I Iphone 📱
J Jaguar 🐅
K Knife
L Lion
M Monkey 🐒
N Nest
O Octopus 🐙
P Pencil ✏️
Q Q-Tip
R Rat 🐭
S Scissor ✂️
T Telescope 🔭
U Umbrella ☔️
V Van 🚚
W Whale 🐋
X Xmas Tree
Y Yolk
Z Zebra

Built With



Contributions are most welcome

  • Raise an issue
  • Suggest a feature
  • Raise a PR

⭐️ Please don't forget to star this repo if you found it useful. 👍 👏



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details