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Khas is the web interface for typing Khas Font.
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Khas - Online Typing Platform

This project is for the web platform for Khas Font. Khas Font currently is a fork of Preeti Font with some additions and changes.

About Khas

Khas (/kʰəs/ खस) is the language used by Khas People. It is a sub-variety of the Devanagari script.

Till the 18th century, Khas language was very common among people of present Nepal and few nearby parts of present India. Later in the 19th century, Nepali language was made from the Khas language. Khas language is believed to be originated from Sinja valley of Jumla. Therefore, the Nepali dialect “Khas Bhasa” is still spoken among the majority people around the region.

We are losing (and have lost) many hard copies of documents written in Khas. In order to preserve it, digitally that is, we needed a new font, here we have introduced the first version of a new font and a web platform to play around. Even though the script looks similar to Devanagari, there are few additional characters and change in the font faces, that's why this project was needed and hence initiated.

Contribution to the welfare project

Interested to be part of this welfare project? Or, got new design idea, issue reports, bug fixes?? Create an issue or a PR, and do your part for the Community.

Feel Free to reach me out @

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