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A Tour of Dgraph
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A Tour of Dgraph

A step by step introductory tutorial of Dgraph. Built with Hugo.

Visit for the running instance.


The tutorial can be run locally by cloning this repo and running scripts/ The tour has been tested with hugo v0.37.

To develop and test version redirects locally run the build script: TOUR_BASE_URL=http://localhost:8000 python3 scripts/

This will recompile master and all dgraph-<version> branches and store the static site content in the published/ folder

Dgraph Release Process

Structure of the tour releases/version switcher must mirror the structure of the Dgraph Docs releases/versions. (Starting from Dgraph 1.0.16 onwards).

Where to make changes

  • All changes/updates reflecting the changes in Dgraph master should be committed into the master branch of this repository (dgraph-io/tutorial).
  • Fixes and changes for older versions of the tour should be committed into relevant dgraph-$version branch.
  • As part of the release process for Dgraph a new branch dgraph-$version must be cut here (git checkout master; git checkout -b dgraph-<NEW_SEMVER>).

Deploying to Live Site

Run the build script: python3 scripts/

Once it finishes without errors it will commit all static content into the published/ folder.

After that you can git push and the server will pick up the changes.

Server config

File nginx/tour.conf is symlinked to Nginx's sites-available when you edit it you must ssh and run nginx -s reload.

Cron task

*/2 *    *   *   *   cd /home/ubuntu/dgraph-tour && git pull

Pulls new commits from git.

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