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Accumulate just enough punya - quickly and without boring sadhana.

This project does not make any sense to Indians and non-Indians alike. Stay away and stay happy.

Know more at

What this is?

Excel based utility to generate Rama naama's.

Why build this?

The objective is to apply my in-depth programming knowledge to old philosophical and spiritual questions. And, probably because I feel the need to contribute to the society in a meaningless way.

Can I contribute?

Sure. Pull requests welcome. But do know that I am a really busy person and can ignore that for a long time. You can fork the repository in the meantime.

What the hell? You cannot disrespect our Gods. I am from so & so <insert great institution name>, and I will beat the crap off you

See below.

Really, what is this about? Are you crazy?

A bit, but that is for another time.

My mother and I discuss a lot many things. Among them was a topic about how we think about things and utilise time in this otherwise meaningless life.

One of those things that we find around us is to write many many Rama naama's. There is this custom of writing many (I mean many) naama's (a prayer) and submitting those books to a temple. The temple performs a big ceremony at the end, distributes 'prasad' and everyone goes out happy.

  • Devotees get the satisfaction of a few weeks well spent
  • Template trustees feel elated on making devotees out of mere mortals
  • Priests get to recite the holy mantras
  • Speakers get an opportunity to reaffirm their beliefs and seek a few followers

I did not quite understand what happens to the books thereon, but the fate of the books is immaterial to the conversation.

So, it was that we debated about how we choose to spend our time, and to what benefit.

  • Is it because we try to discipline our mind to think the same thing (much like mantras, but with writing + mantra both)
  • Is it because we want to enforce the belief that we stand for something greater than ourselves (as in humans)
  • Is it because we want to take up something that we see as "big" and prove a point?

This generator was just a prankish way of saying times have moved on. What if we had a program that generated a 100, 1000, or a million naama's in couple of seconds. Does it say anything about the journey vs. destination debate?

This is a prank. Don't get offended, and don't start the next war

Yes, you saw that right.

I have utmost respect to reaching enlightened states, but everyone MUST understand and be fully aware of what they are doing while trying to get there. Writing naama's is a form of Bhakti and that is seen as the easiest path to enlightenment by many. I am not qualified in any means to debate that.

The only point was about how we choose to spend our life, the impact of that on ourselves and those who surroud us.

The interim life can be boring and stressful, but the journey is equally important as the destination - try to enjoy that journey.


Accumulate just enough punya - quickly and without boring sadhana.




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