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Vim plugin for navigating markdown files with links
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This vim plugin enables browsing through your markdown files by using links between them (like a personal wiki). You just have to move the cursor to a link and press ENTER.

Example of links

  • [Notes]( or [Notes]() or [Notes](Notes) will open
  • [SubNotes](sub/ or [sub/Notes]() or [Notes](sub/Notes) will open sub/ (if sub directory does not exist, the plugin will prompt for confirmation and create)

You can press BACKSPACE to navigate to previous file (like "e#").


Use your plugin manager of choice.

  • Pathogen
    • git clone ~/.vim/bundle/follow-markdown-links
  • Vundle
    • Add Bundle '' to .vimrc
    • Run :BundleInstall
  • NeoBundle
    • Add NeoBundle '' to .vimrc
    • Run :NeoBundleInstall
  • vim-plug
    • Add Plug '' to .vimrc
    • Run :PlugInstall
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