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#Made by Immigrants source code

A showcase of amazing businesses and projects proudly made by first and second generation immigrants.

#Why? I'm the son of immigrants, I have many friends who are immigrants or children of immigrants. I've seen my grandparents become citizens of the United States. Immigrants have created and built this country, and I wanted to showcase the amazing businesses and projects started by immigrants and their children. Immigrants create jobs.

In response to President Trump's Executive Order restricting green card holders and immigrants from entering the United States, I wanted to do something to show the positive impact immigrants make. I donated to the ACLU, but I wanted to do something more, even if it's just a tiny project that shows how immigrants have made America great.

#Contributing Please submit a suggestion by submitting this form! I would love to have as many projects and companies as possible. If you can, please make a statement publicly supporting those who are affected by President Trump's Executive Order. PRs welcome for any improvements we can make to the site.

#It's all tech startups and businesses... I can recognize when I live in a bubble, and these were the companies that stuck out to me. I want this to be more than just tech startups or businesses. If you know of other companies, projects, artists, or anyone who would want to be featured on this site, please submit on the website here! It would be great to have examples showcasing all walks of life.

#Shout-outs Recognizing the other folks who contributed