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Get images from Reddit and upload to Instagram
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Get images from Reddit and upload to Instagram and Twitter

Clone from repository

git clone

Install requirements

pip install -r requirements.txt


  • Rename config_example.ini to config.ini
  • Open config.ini and add the required API keys (see the next secyion to see how to get them)
  • Set Instagram = True if you want to post to Instagram. Similarly, set True or False for other accounts
  • Set captions in

Getting API keys

  • To learn how to get Facebook app_id and app_secret, visit this page To get page access token, see this page
  • To learn how to get Twitter API keys, visit this page

How to use

  • Open Command prompt or terminal
  • Go to and download the JSON of any subreddit and save it in the '' file and follow the instruction there.
  • Edit or Add captions to be used in '' by following the instructions present there.
  • Type python or python3
  • Enter the number of files to be uploaded

How to download JSON of a subreddit

  • Let us say you want to get data of the subreddit /r/memes
  • Go to
  • Save the web page as memes.json in the directory of the project
  • Open and write new_JSON('memes.json') after line 5

Note: Due to recent changes in Instagram's private API, Instagram posting might not work. It will be updated to use the new Graph API

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