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name: Prashant Sinha
title: Developer
mobile: '0769822836'
location: Paris, France
cover: |
My primary research interest is in Machine Learning, Data Science,
Statistics, Systems Biology, and Bio Inspired Systems. The scope of
my projects also include Pervasive Computing, Reality Mining, and
Computer Vision.
- company: Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires
location: Paris
from: '2018-10-08'
position: Developpeur Full Stack
- Platform Developer
- UI/X Design
description: |
# WeLearn - A tool for Collective Learning
WeLearn helps people to collect, curate, and qualify learning Resources.
Resources are tagged with Wikipedia Pages, which is used to create a
visualisation that we aim to be a "GPS of Learning". My role as a UI/UX
developer is to create an interface that helps users navigate through
their own as well as others' curation to find their own Learning Path.
- company: Physique et Mécanique des Milieux Hétérogènes
location: École Supérieure De Physique Et De Chimie Industrielles, Paris
from: '2018-05-22'
till: '2018-09-22'
position: Research Intern
- Hydrodynamics at micro scales
- Fluid Dynamics
- Theoretical Biophysics
description: |
# Hydrodynamics of Super-Paramagnetic Micro-Beads
The primary interest in this study is the behaviour of magnetic
micro-objects under magnetic field in water. We expect to quantify
the hydrodynamic drag between dissimilar objects. My work here
was to capture the motion of the beads (`r=2.4µm`) under externally
applied magnetic field as they attract towards each other. Strict
requirements of the protocol included controlled medium viscosity,
frame rate `>= 300 fps`, and `40-63x` magnification.
We reached average frame rate of `~800 fps`. Using open source tools
`trackpy` and `scikit-image`, I developed a processing pipeline to
isolate, track, and calculate motion dynamics from the frames.
- company: Laboratoire Jean Perrin
location: Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris
from: '2018-01-22'
till: '2018-04-22'
position: Research Intern
- Theoretical Biophysics
- Optical Tracking
- Mechanotransduction
description: |
# The Mechanical Sense of Paramecium
At a crossroad between physics, biology, and neuroscience, coupled with
experimental and theoretical biophysics, this project aims to decipher
the mechanism simple organisms such as _Paramecium_ use to detect and avoid
obstacles in their trajectories. Using micromilled pools of defined
geometry and automatic tracking of paramecia, we expect to find
correlations between external stimuli and internal responses that give it
a directional sense.
As a research intern, I developed high-frequency image analysis and
hardware control pipeline to track long trajectories in real time.
I wrote a driver for the Microscope Objective utilising 3D Vector Space,
and a high-speed image aquisition and processing (~50fps) tool. Using these
software we were able to follow the trajectory of moving _Paramecium_.
- company: Laboratoire Matière et Systèmes Complexes
location: Université Paris Diderot, Paris
from: '2017-10-09'
till: '2018-01-09'
position: Research Intern
- Phyllotaxis
- Plant Biology
- Projection Geometry
description: |
# Study of Diversity in Phyllotactic Patterns
Phyllotaxis is the arrangement of lateral organs in plants. In this
project we attempt to explain the origin of emergent patterns,
transitions, and irregularities in such arrangements. Using cylindrical
projection unrolling and unwarping, the aim was to develop a pipeline
allowing better study of complicated plant organs.
- company: Agora Health
location: London, UK
from: '2016-02-08'
till: '2018-05-20'
position: Developer
- Machine Learning
- Web Development
description: |
# Personalised Medical Events, Conferences, and Courses Recommendation for Doctors at NHS, UK
At Agora, I was responsible for designing and implementing web services
for aggregation, classification, and personalised recommendation of
events at National Health Services (NHS) in the UK.
- company: Oxyent Technologies
location: New Delhi
from: '2016-07-01'
till: '2016-09-01'
position: Summer Intern
- Computer Vision
- Information Extraction
description: |
# Computer Vision and Information Extraction
Developed and shipped a utility for digitizing waveforms and
extracting metadata from `ECG` reports, written in pure Python.
It is being used at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston for
processing more than a million patient records.
Also worked on extracting normalized tabular data from scanned
medical records. Key challenges here involved handling skewed,
desaturated and otherwise low quality images.
- company: Survaider
location: New Delhi
from: '2015-01-01'
till: '2016-02-01'
position: Developer and UI/UX Designer
- Backend and REST API
- Client Interface
- Analytics
description: |
# Survaider Web App and Survey Builder
Development of web app backend and `REST API` in Python using `Flask`
and `MongoEngine ORM`.
Design and development of the frontend. Technology stack consisted
`CoffeeScript`, `BackboneJS`, `SASS`, and `Socket.IO` for
realtime content.
- company: Design Innovation Centre
location: University of Delhi
from: '2015-06-15'
till: '2015-08-29'
position: Summer Intern
- Machine Learning
- Time Series Analysis
- Signal Processing
description: |
# Human Activity Recognition from Acceleration data Under Naturalistic Conditions
The goal of this project was to develop a system for recognition
of low level human activities, such as Walking, Running,
Sitting, etc., using a single tri-axial accelerometer time
series. The undertaken challenge of this system was to
effectively solve the recognition task irrespective of the
location of sensor on human body.
Using supervised learning method, we trained a Random Forest
Classifier using feature vectors obtained via our model. We
were able to produce an accuracy of `95%` through our model.
- company: University of California and Stanford
location: Santa Cruz
from: '2015-01-01'
till: '2015-06-01'
position: Research Associate
- Data Scraping
- Data Processing
description: |
# Aspiring Researcher Challenge
As a research associate, I was part of the team which was
responsible for developing a large, online experiment to study
the wisdom of the crowd where I formulated the algorithm for
scraping and formatting raw data off multiple crowdfunding
**Publication**: "Investigating the 'Wisdom of Crowds' at Scale", ACM UIST
2015, Charlotte, NC.
- company: Cluster Innovation Centre
location: University of Delhi
from: '2015-01-01'
till: '2016-04-01'
position: Undergrad Research
- Network Analysis
- Computational Biology
- Mathematical Modelling
description: |
# Modelling and Network Analysis of Intronic miRNA Mediated Gene Expression Regulation
In this project, we developed a mathematical model for gene expression
regulation via intronic micro `RNAs`, based on emperical data and
experimental observations at IGIB.
As a part of study, we've also generated a `miRNA <=> mRNA` target network
using various available databases.
- company: Autonomi
location: University of Delhi
from: '2014-09-01'
till: '2016-05-01'
position: Volunteer
description: |
Responsibilities include maintainance and development of the web portal,
website and online presence of the organization.
- company: IamSME of India, PHD Chamber of Commerce
location: DUCIC eBusiness Circuit
from: '2014-05-15'
till: '2014-08-20'
position: Summer Intern
description: |
# TwoDotSeven
Developed an open-source and modular `ERP` system and `API` sub-system.
- company: Laboratory for Pattern Engineering
location: University of Delhi
from: '2014-02-10'
till: '2015-12-25'
position: Research Associate
description: |
Worked to build a classification system for geospacial features between
texts originated in different continents. Other responsibilities included
design and development of several web portals, graphic designing, media
and publishing tasks.
- conference: FOSSASIA 2017
location: Singapore
from: '2017-03-17'
till: '2017-03-19'
type: Talk
- Python
- Open Source
description: |
# Alohomora: Unlocking Magical Bits in Python
In this talk at FOSSASIA Summit, I gave a presentation covering several
advance patterns in the Python programming language. In the presentation I
introduced the audience with Metaclasses, Decorators and Patching.
- conference: West College
location: Glasgow, Scotland
from: '2015-07-14'
till: '2015-07-19'
type: Workshop
description: |
# Game Development Workshop under UK-India Education and Research Initiative
- conference: Autonomi
location: University of Delhi
from: '2015-02-28'
till: '2015-03-01'
type: Talk
description: |
# Robotics Bootcamp
Delivered sessions on Arduino programming, DAC, ADC and PWM.
- institute: Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires
location: Université Paris Descartes
position: Masters
from: '2017-09-04'
till: '2018-10-04'
degree: Approches Interdisciplinaires du Vivant
- institute: Cluster Innovation Centre
location: University of Delhi
position: Undergrad
from: '2013-08-10'
till: '2017-07-05'
degree: B.Tech. (IT and Mathematical Innovations)
percentage: 77.3
major: Information Technology
- Mathematics
- Systems Biology
- institute: Central Academy Sr. Sec.
location: Gorakhpur, India
degree: AISSCE (XII Std.)
percentage: 89.6
on: '2013-05'
- institute: Central Academy Sr. Sec.
location: Gorakhpur, India
degree: AISSE (X Std.)
grade: 9.8
on: '2011-05'
- [Python, 5]
- [SCSS, 5]
- [CoffeeScript, 3]
- [ES6/JavaScript, 4]
- [Print Media, 3]
- [CAD/CAM, 2]
- [Illustration, 3]
- [User Interface, 3]
- [Scientific Computing, 4]
- [DevOps, 1]
- repo: prashnts/hues
description: |
# Hues: Colored terminal text made easy for Python
Hues is a Python package which facilitates printing ANSI encoded text to
terminal in unix-like systems.
- repo: prashnts/metaRNA
description: |
# metaRNA: Find target sites for the miRNAs in genomic sequences
metaRNA finds potential target sites for the microRNAs in genomic
sequences. It is built on miRanda, an algorithm for detection and ranking
of the targets of microRNA.
- repo: prashnts/pybloomfiltermmap3
description: |
# PyBloomFilter: Fast, Memory Mapped Bloom Filter
The goal of `PyBloomFilter` is to provide a fast, simple, scalable and
correct library for Bloom Filters in Python.
- repo: prashnts/mongocapsule
description: |
# MongoCapsule: Encapsulated MongoEngine
MongoCapsule is a very thin wrapper around MongoEngine. It encapsulates
MongoEngine attributes under a single namespace and hence allows explicit
declaration without context switches.
- repo: agora-team/elasticsearch-synonyms
description: |
# Elasticsearch-Synonyms: Utilities for working with Synonym Filter in Elasticsearch
This repository contains a curated dataset of synonyms in `Solr` Format.
These synonyms can be used for Elasticsearch Synonym Token Filter
configuration. It provides a tool to lint and validate the synonym files.
- repo: CyberCRI/learn-ext
description: |
# WeLearn Extension and WebApp
This repository hosts the prototype for WeLearn Browser Extension and Web App.
Specifically, it implements a D3/React based visualisation of Wikipedia Concept Map.