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This is course project of Networks Lab CS378 . In this project we are creating a program for browser based remote desktop connection to control a computer remotely from other computer

Note : run server on Python3.3 or Python3.4

Dependencies(Ubuntu/Linux Only) :

  1. Python2.7 and python3.3 or above (tested on Python3.3 and Python3.4)
  2. Web socket Library. Go to Libraries/websockets do a sudo python3.4 build sudo python3.4 install
  3. xdotool for mouse : sudo apt-get install xdotool
  4. Pykeyboard : sudo pip install pykeyboard Note : The library for this is include . To install goto Libraries/PyUserInput sudo python build sudo python install
  5. Xlib : sudo apt-get install python-xlib (dependency for pykeyboard)
  6. pygtk : To capture screens sudo pip install pygtk

Instructions to run Server :

  1. python3.4 You will be prompted for server password which is required for clients to connect
  2. Copy Client folder to your webhost location which is generally in /var/www/html now go to http://your_public_ip/client and enter password to connect


  1. WebSockets Library : Checkout the Documentation
  2. [Read about Threading in Python]( Python Docs)
  3. [Notes on WebSockets by Aditya]( Web Sockets)

Get the Latest Working Code from Github

Team Members:

  1. Prateek Chandan - 120050042
  2. Aditya Kumar Akash - 120050046
  3. Nishant Kumar Singh - 120050043
  4. Anurag Shirolkar - 120050003

Guide : Prof Varhsa Apte

Department Of Computer Science IIT Bombay