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Implementing authentication using Behavior Driven Development

I create this demo app to familiarize with Authlogic and BDD. This demo is featuring:

  • Rails 3.1
  • Authlogic
  • RSpec
  • Cucumber
  • Capybara
  • Factory Girl


This demo is evolutive and has started with a simple "User log in" feature. The features are added using the outside-in approach.

Look at the git tags to browse through the evolution of the features and the scenarios implementations.

Running the demo

  1. Clone the repo
  2. Copy config/database.yml-tmpl to config/database.yml
  3. Copy config/cucumber.yml-tmpl to config/cucumber.yml
  4. If you are using rvm, create your gemset and
  5. gem install bundler
  6. bundle install
  7. rake db:setup RAILS_ENV=test
  8. rake db:setup RAILS_ENV=development

Running the tests


All of them should be green

Some tests key files

  • features/user_login.feature
  • features/support/user_login.rb
  • features/step_definitions/user_login_steps.rb
  • spec/factories.rb



  • Redefine existing features using acceptance test philosophy instead of integration test philosophy and by being more declarative in scenarios elaboration.


  • DRY up a bit the test and use the first person when describing scenarios
  • Feature: User log out
    • Scenario: I log out


  • Authlogic minimal MVC + migration installation
  • Feature: User log in
    • Scenario: I want to log in
    • Scenario: I successfully log in
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