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- Added Location header for 201s
- Fixed JSON response for DELETE operations
- Updated MD5 dependency for Ruby 1.9 (Andreas Haller)
- Updated spec setup for RSpec 1.2 (Andreas Haller)
- Updated gem dependencies for Rack, OpenID, and JSON
- Other minor fixes
- Added a block option for configuring OpenID bypassed routes (Devlin Daley)
- Added write locks for Tokyo Tyrant Tables
- Added Tokyo Tyrant Table example
- Fixed POST method tunneling bug (Saimon Moore)
- Fixed escaping of nested JSON Objects and Arrays
- Added Tokyo Cabinet storage
- Added MemoryTable development-time storage
- Improved router performance
- Added CloudKit::Resource model
- Added custom URIs for OpenID bypass
- Removed internal undocumented ExtractionViews
- Removed SQL backends
- Removed Sequel and Rack::Config dependencies
- Switched test framework to RSpec
- Updated oauth and sequel gem dependencies
- Fixed 410 responses for stale PUT operations
- Fixed MySQL content encoding (Harry Weppner)
- Various fixes for filter_merge!, rekey!, and excluding (Cameron Walters)
- Updated for Rack 0.9
- Added batch URI resolution for resource collections
- Refactored use of constants
- Updated documentation
- Fixed Rack::Lint/rackup errors related to Content-Type headers
- Patched Rack to support StringIO#string in Rack::Lint::InputWrapper
- Fixed server_url encoding in OpenIDStore
- Added sqlite3-ruby dependency in gemspec
- Updated documentation
- First public gem release