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What is psh?

psh is a very simple (and likely buggy) shell I am writing as a learning exercise.

Who is psh shell for?

No sane person will ever want to use it.

If you are insane enough to consider writing a shell or looking at how one might be written, then this is for you. Have fun!

How to build it?

For a debug build, run:


For a "release" build, run:

make release

But let's be honest, you aren't releasing this garbage code to anyone anyway. But I enjoy feeling like a real developer so I added this rule. make release disable the debug macros so you don't run assertions and stuff.

To clean up the object files for a fresh start, run:

make clean

How to run it?

After you have built psh using make, the binary is saved in the bin directory. You can execute the program using (assuming you are in the project root):


How to contribute code?

Really? Do you really want to contribute? Wow! Open a pull request, and I'll take a look.