Sampling based POMDP algorithms
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Some instructions to use the code:

Creating the POMDP

1.  run make inside the folder to create main which can be given the following arguments
    <1> n = number of state samples in the Markov chain used to create the POMDP
    <2> process_noise = process_noise of the continuous time dynamics
        it is essential to play with this parameter a bit to make sure sarsop can find the
        policy quickly. There are a couple of test cases commented out in the code.

2.  systems/lightdark.cpp contains the dynamics and observation model. 
    The parameters are self-explanatory, relevant functions being, sample_controls, get_observation_noise
    and the constructor of the class System which sets the goal region / light-box region etc.

3.  mdp.cpp creates the Markov chain. connect_edges_approx() uses local
    consistency to connect the states sampled in the Markov chain. write_pomdp_file_lightdark() outputs the 
    file problem.pomdp in the directory sarsop/

4.  inside the directory sarsop/, there is a script which can be executed with a number of 
    command line options to run sarsop. Notable ones are
    ./ -sol                    --  solves the pomdp with 100 secs timeout
    ./ -sim -n 1000 -l 100     --  runs the simulator on the obtained policy to produce files state_trajectories.dat
                                                which are 1000 trajectories indexed by state_index.dat
    ./ -sim -n 1 -l 100 -b     --  runs the simulator to output a trajectory of beliefs to create a file belief_trajectory.dat
                                                (note I made changes in the sarsop code placed in sarsop/src/ to output these trajectories,
                                                when outputting the belief trajectory, run only one simulation, otherwise it is going to overwrite
                                                in the same file)
    ./ -e -n 1000 -l 100       -- runs the evaluator instead of the simulator

5.  after running sarsop, run the script ./ to make a movie of the belief_trajectory. It might be necessary to create a directory
    called sarsop/movie before runnign this script for the first time.