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TypeScript types for Adobe Products Build Status

Repository for declaration files generated by extendscript-xml-to-typescript converter.



Install Node.js and TypeScript and git.

Your first script for eg. Adobe Illustrator

# create new folder
mkdir my-script
cd my-script

# install types-for-adobe
npm init -y
npm i types-for-adobe

# create tsconfig.json
printf '{"compilerOptions":{"module":"none","noLib":true}}' > tsconfig.json

# create index.ts and change reference types to Adobe product you're targeting
printf '/// <reference types="types-for-adobe/illustrator/2015.3"/>\nalert(String(app));\n' > index.ts

# compile typescript files

# open Adobe Illustrator -> File -> Scripts -> Other Script -> and open index.js

More typings


Thanks to vespakoen, atarabi, lm913.


Open pull request and be sure that:


Add your project.

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