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Express middleware for php-fpm

Express middleware for handling php requests and serve static files.

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It's working seamlessly with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal!

In order to run the middleware be sure that you have a running php-fpm server.
What is php-fpm? Why php-fpm? How to install php-fpm on Windows, Mac, Linux?

Usage & Example

npm i express-php-fpm
const express = require("express")
const epf = require("express-php-fpm")

const options = {
  // root of your php files
  documentRoot: __dirname + "/php_files",

  // extra env variables
  env: {},

  // connection to your php-fpm server
  socketOptions: { port: 9000 },

const app = express()
app.use("/", epf(options))


By buying a beer.