Helps you visualize all the colors you have in your projects.
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The name comes from here;

It's a tool to help you understand all the colors you are using in a project. It gives you the unique colors but differentiates when it needs to, so you can find and fix.


  • You get to see all the colors in your project including the ones generated by LESS or SASS.
  • It shows you the unique colors but shows you the duplicate ones when necessary like #fff, #ffffff and rgb(255,255,255).
  • It also shows you the right color for your text for any given background.
  • It remembers the CSS you worked with and loads them from localStorage when you come back.

How To Use?

Copy & paste your project's CSS and hit button!


Interested? Awesome! I would love your contribution in making this a neat tool. Check the issues tab or raise one if you want a feature.


@LeaVerou for the checkerboard pattern using gradients and for the awesome tip on how to achieve legible text color on any background( not using in updated version but available as a comment in chamarel.css).