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dreamweaver extension


Coderepo is a code snippet gallery. It consists of two parts, a server side and a cient side section. Server hosts all the snippets [HTML, CSS and javascript]. Client side is a dreamweaver extension to easily integrating with DW IDE.



  1. Easier for debugging.
  2. All developer uses same code.
  3. Interoperability.
  4. Uses same markup in all projects.
  5. Code standardization.
  6. Better code sharing.
  7. Code updation & maintenance.
  8. No more googling for an implemented solution.
  9. Better control on code usage.
  10. Helps parallel integration.
  11. Avoid coding inconsistency.
  12. All have normalized understanding of code.
  13. Better integration with DW IDE.

How to use

  • Setup server.
  • Add snippet on server.
  • Download dreamweaver extension and install.
  • Add server path [command > codebase > codebase settings]
  • Type h:snippet or html:snippet to get a html snippet form server & include it in the current document.

c:snippet or css:snippet for css snippets.

j:snippet or js:snippet for javascript snippets.





server path dw extension :