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Convert your Website to a working Android App. Supports all kind of web content. Build app from any website or from local directory.

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Website 2 APK Builder 5.3 Pro

Convert your Website or HTML5 app to a native Android App.

Supports html5, html, php, htm, js, css.

Build app from any live website or from local html folder.

What's new in v5.3

  • Push Notification Permission
  • Added Android 13 Extra Permissions
  • Bug Fixes**


  • Android App Bundle (.aab) Support
  • Android TV Support
  • Support for 100 MB+ APKs
  • Firebase In-App Messaging
  • Blob Download Support
  • Multiple Image Upload Support
  • JS API to get device API Level
  • Unicode character support for Nav Drawer
  • Deep-linking
  • Material Design
  • Change Material Color Scheme
  • Pull-to-Refresh
  • Navigation Drawer Designer
  • Live Toolbar Title
  • Material Toolbar
  • Wix Support (Fixed Layout Issue)
  • Better handling for SSL related errors
  • Updated Firebase and AdMob library versions
  • JS API to prevent device from sleeping
  • Fix Audio Play Bug
  • Overview mode enabled along with Desktop mode.
  • Push notifications automatically expandable when description is longer
  • Cookies now work with offline files too
  • JS API to show/hide AdMob banner on selected pages
  • .Webapp project now saves permissions, push config and progress wheel also.
  • Option to remove JavaScript APIs (In response to JavaScript Interface Injection Vulnerability)
  • Desktop Mode
  • HTTPs Only Mode (In response to JavaScript Interface Injection Vulnerability & Better Security)
  • Debug Mode can now display SSL related errors on your screen)
  • Keep Screen On while playing full screen videos
  • Hide WebView User Agent (Allows login with Google and Many more).
  • Added option to select if you want to overlap new notification to existing or show as new.
  • Added "isBroadcastEnabled" JS API Function
  • Audio recording now working.
  • GDPR Compliant AdMob Functions
  • Allow or Prevent Screenshot
  • Push Notifications API Access
  • Adjust Screen Layout while Typing
  • Custom Keystore
  • Download via Download Manager
  • Push Notifications
  • Persistent Cookies
  • App Orientation
  • New JavaScript APIs
  • jQuery, Ionic & jQueryMobile support for Offline HTML Apps.
  • App Share Button (Also avaibale with Javascript)
  • FullScreen Mode
  • Display Toast & Dialog via JavaScript
  • Gesture Zoom Support
  • JavaScript APIs to perform In-App Activities
  • HTML5 Vibration API Support
  • Skype, Whatsapp, SMS, Intent links Support
  • Externl Links Open Outside (Optional Supprted)
  • Confirm on Exit (Optional to Enable)
  • Build Android Apps easily from your HTML5 or Web Content
  • Create Apps in seconds for your Live Website
  • AdMob Banner & Interstitial Ads
  • Custom Splash screen
  • Custom Package Name
  • Custom Android Permissions
  • Custom Error Pages
  • Google Play Ready Android App
  • Login Session Keeping
  • Configurable Caching Options
  • Offine HTML5 Video Support
  • File Upload Support
  • Camera Upload Support
  • Save Project as .webapp file
  • Camcorder Video Recording Upload
  • Location issue fixed
  • Set App Orientation
  • Zoom Buttons Option
  • About Dialog
  • Custom Progress Wheel
  • Set Splash Duration
  • Completely Ad-Free
  • No Back-Links
  • User Friendly
  • Best App Results for Responsive Sites


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Convert your Website to a working Android App. Supports all kind of web content. Build app from any website or from local directory.







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