sciter::value visualizer for Visual Studio
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terrainformatica sciter::value (formerly known as json::value)

Supported the following sciter::value types:

  • undefined
  • null
  • bool
  • int
  • double
  • currency, date - displayed just as int
  • string (including #symbols)
  • bytes (as byte array)
  • array
  • map — requires json_value_pair type embedded in binary

Not supported (yet):

  • length (int or float union?)
  • function
  • object
  • dom_object

Note: map visualizer requires the following type knowledge:

typedef std::pair<sciter::value, sciter::value> json_value_pair;

extern json_value_pair __visualize_json_value_pair = {};

Last line to ensure that compiler will not remove it from binary.


VS 2012 and higher: download VSIX from releases page.

VS 2010: read how to enable autoexp.dat.

VS 2005-2008: use autoexp.dat.


Sciter 3.1 or higher. For lower versions use htmlayout branch.


Debug screenshot