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This is a jQuery plug-in for list selector
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This is a jQuery plug-in for list items selector.

Getting Started

There would be list on the left hand side, you can select and move the items you want to the right hand side.

You can move the list items one at a time or all at once, from left to right or from right to left with the button controls provided.

So, you can - 1. move an item left 2. move all left 3. move an item right 4. move all right



You can pass the following parameters within the Options object-

options : {
	listBox : {
			height : 150,
			width : 250
		controls : {
			moveAllRight : true,
			moveRight : true,
			moveLeft : true,
			moveAllLeft : true
		listSelectorTitle : "Title",
		leftArray : [],
		rightArray: []
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