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Data used for the report

  • Data used in the report is collected from the GitHub API.
  • Accuracy of the data and conclusions drawn from it, depends directly on API results.


Organization account verification on GitHub

  • Organization accounts used in the report are not verified by any authorities.
  • They were verified just on the basis of Name, Service/Blog URL, Email etc.
  • They may represent some non-original organizations, in case of any mistake.


GitHub organization creation date of organizations

  • GitHub organization's creation date is provided by GitHub API itself.
  • Subject to the name/handle of the organization.


Public lanunching date of Organizations

  • Public launching dates of organizations was collected from different sources like Crunchbase, WikiPedia, Google, Twitter or Organization's blog/about pages.
  • In some cases where the exact date was not available, it was assumed as 15th of the month.


Stars Distribution

  • No. of stars for each repository are not updated in real-time.
  • Stars used for the conclusions are from the time of data collection.


Timeline Activity

  • For a source repository, all its commits were counted as it is.
  • For a forked repository, all the commits after the fork date are counted.
  • Code for this filteration is available here,


Active and Inactive fork attributes

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