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from __future__ import division
This module helps calculating the word frequencies.
It also implements conditional probabilities using Baye's theorm.
class Calculator:
def __init__(self, loader, writer):
self.loader = loader
self.writer = writer
def iteration(self):
""" iterate over all the groups/organizations and process
groups = self.loader.corpus.groups
for group in groups:
prob_dist = {}
freq_dist = []
word_dict = self.loader.corpus.words[group]
words = sorted(word_dict, key=word_dict.get)
for word in words:
prob_dist[word] = self.probability(word, group)
freq_dist.append([word, word_dict[word]])
self.writer.process(prob_dist, 'prob', group)
self.writer.process(freq_dist, 'freq', group)
def probability(self, word, group):
""" return the conditional probability P(group | word) using Bayes' Theorm
corpus = self.loader.corpus.words
groups = self.loader.corpus.groups
num = corpus[group][word]
den = 0
# this is the **one should not use** way of doing this
# can be done efficiently by pre-computing the word frequencies
for group in groups:
if word in corpus[group].keys():
den += corpus[group][word]
return num / den