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// Package notification implements inter process messaging for the game
package notification
// Notification messages to show in the game
const (
WelcomeMessage string = "Welcome to the game Puzzl!"
RightMoveMessage string = "Woot! Right Move"
WrongMoveMessage string = "Oops! Wrong Move"
GameCompleteMessage string = "Woot! You completed the game"
ImpossibleMoveMessage string = "Unable to move there"
WaitMessage string = "Wait! Let bot solve it first"
ReadyToPlayMessage string = "OK! You can play now"
QuitMessage string = "Press ESC key to quit"
// Notification struct
// It consists the channel used for internal notification communication
type Notification struct {
Tunnel chan string
// New returns pointer to a Notification struct
func New() *Notification {
return &Notification{Tunnel: make(chan string)}