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Guidelines for Contributing

Code of Conduct

This project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.

Creating an Issue

  1. Please do not create issues for questions you have. The appropriate location for such questions is /r/redditdev or via Slack.

  2. Please check the Unreleased section of the latest changelog before filing an issue as it is possible the issue has already been resolved.

  3. Please use GitHub's issue search feature to look for already reported issues before reporting your own.

Responding to Issues

One of the simplest ways to help with PRAW is by answering others' questions. When responding, always be positive. While something may be obvious to you, it likely is not to the person asking the question.

Pull Request Creation

  1. If you are fixing an already filed issue, please indicate your intentions by commenting on the issue. This act will hopefully minimize any duplicate work.

  2. Prior to creating a pull request run the script. This script depends on the tools black flake8, pylint, pydocstyle, sphinx and sphinx_rtd_theme. They can be installed via pip install black flake8 pydocstyle pylint sphinx sphinx_rtd_theme or via pip install praw[lint].

  3. Add yourself as a contributor to the AUTHORS.rst.

  4. Once pushed, ensure that your Github Actions build succeeds. Actions will error before running any tests if there are any flake8 or pydocstyle issues. Resolve any issues by updating your pull request.

  5. Ensure that your change has complete test coverage. Tests on methods that do not require fetching data from Reddit, e.g., method argument validation, should be saved as a unit test. Tests that hit Reddit's servers should be an integration test and all network activity should be recorded via Betamax. The required packages can be installed with pip install praw[test].

  6. Feel free to check on the status of your pull request periodically by adding a comment.

Becoming a Team Member

The PRAW team is always interested in expanding PRAW's active team member base with proven contributors. If you are interested, please let us know. In general, we would like to see you push a number of contributions before we add you on.

Style Recommendations

To keep PRAW's source consistent, all contribution code must pass the script. Github Actions will enforce the passing of the automated tests, as well as style checking done via the script. While this script helps ensure consistency with much of PEP8 and PEP257 there are a few things that it does not enforce. Please look over the following list:

Import Statement Order

From PEP8:

List only a single import per line, and group imports by standard library imports, third party imports and application imports.


  • List from package ... import ... imports prior to entire package import ... type statements.

  • Lexicographically sort imports. This process has the intended side effect that top-level relative packages will be imported prior to lower-level packages.


from os.path import abspath, join
import sys
import traceback

from prawcore import NotFound
import requests

from ...const import API_PATH
from ..listing.mixins import SubmissionListingMixin
from .base import RedditBase
from .mixins import UserContentMixin

Method Order within a Class

  • Group method names by type and order the groups like so:

    • Static methods

    • Class methods

    • Properties

    • Instance methods

  • Within each grouping method names should be sorted lexicographically.


class Example(object):

    def a_static_method(): pass

    def another_static_method(): pass

    def some_class_method(cls): pass

    def name(self): pass

    def __init__(self): pass

    def instance_method(self): pass

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