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Configuring PRAW

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Configuration options can be provided to PRAW in one of three ways:

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Environment variables have the highest priority, followed by keyword arguments to :class:`.Reddit`, and finally settings in praw.ini files.

Using an HTTP or HTTPS proxy with PRAW

PRAW internally relies upon the requests package to handle HTTP requests. Requests supports use of HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY environment variables in order to proxy HTTP and HTTPS requests respectively [ref].

Given that PRAW exclusively communicates with Reddit via HTTPS, only the HTTPS_PROXY option should be required.

For example, if you have a script named, the HTTPS_PROXY environment variable can be provided on the command line like so:

HTTPS_PROXY=https://localhost:3128 ./

Configuring a custom requests Session

PRAW uses requests to handle networking. If your use-case requires custom configuration, it is possible to configure a Session and then use it with PRAW.

For example, some networks use self-signed SSL certificates when connecting to HTTPS sites. By default, this would raise an exception in Requests. To use a self-signed SSL certificate without an exception from Requests, first export the certificate as a .pem file. Then configure PRAW like so:

import praw
from requests import Session

session = Session()
session.verify = '/path/to/certfile.pem'
reddit = praw.Reddit(client_id='SI8pN3DSbt0zor',
                     requestor_kwargs={'session': session},  # pass Session
                     user_agent='testscript by /u/fakebot3',

The code above creates a Session and configures it to use a custom certificate, then passes it as a parameter when creating the :class:`.Reddit` instance. Note that the example above uses a :ref:`script_application` authentication type, but this method will work for any authentication type.