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"""Provide exception classes for the prawcore package."""
from urllib.parse import urlparse
class PrawcoreException(Exception):
"""Base exception class for exceptions that occur within this package."""
class InvalidInvocation(PrawcoreException):
"""Indicate that the code to execute cannot be completed."""
class RequestException(PrawcoreException):
"""Indicate that there was an error with the incomplete HTTP request."""
def __init__(self, original_exception, request_args, request_kwargs):
"""Initialize a RequestException instance.
:param original_exception: The original exception that occurred.
:param request_args: The arguments to the request function.
:param request_kwargs: The keyword arguments to the request function.
self.original_exception = original_exception
self.request_args = request_args
self.request_kwargs = request_kwargs
super(RequestException, self).__init__(
f"error with request {original_exception}"
class ResponseException(PrawcoreException):
"""Indicate that there was an error with the completed HTTP request."""
def __init__(self, response):
"""Initialize a ResponseException instance.
:param response: A requests.response instance.
self.response = response
super(ResponseException, self).__init__(
f"received {response.status_code} HTTP response"
class OAuthException(PrawcoreException):
"""Indicate that there was an OAuth2 related error with the request."""
def __init__(self, response, error, description):
"""Initialize a OAuthException instance.
:param response: A requests.response instance.
:param error: The error type returned by reddit.
:param description: A description of the error when provided.
self.error = error
self.description = description
self.response = response
message = f"{error} error processing request"
if description:
message += f" ({description})"
PrawcoreException.__init__(self, message)
class BadJSON(ResponseException):
"""Indicate the response did not contain valid JSON."""
class BadRequest(ResponseException):
"""Indicate invalid parameters for the request."""
class Conflict(ResponseException):
"""Indicate a conflicting change in the target resource."""
class Forbidden(ResponseException):
"""Indicate the authentication is not permitted for the request."""
class InsufficientScope(ResponseException):
"""Indicate that the request requires a different scope."""
class InvalidToken(ResponseException):
"""Indicate that the request used an invalid access token."""
class NotFound(ResponseException):
"""Indicate that the requested URL was not found."""
class Redirect(ResponseException):
"""Indicate the request resulted in a redirect.
This class adds the attribute ``path``, which is the path to which the response
def __init__(self, response):
"""Initialize a Redirect exception instance.
:param response: A requests.response instance containing a location header.
path = urlparse(response.headers["location"]).path
self.path = path[:-5] if path.endswith(".json") else path
self.response = response
msg = f"Redirect to {self.path}"
msg += (
" (You may be trying to perform a non-read-only action via a "
"read-only instance.)"
if "/login/" in self.path
else ""
PrawcoreException.__init__(self, msg)
class ServerError(ResponseException):
"""Indicate issues on the server end preventing request fulfillment."""
class SpecialError(ResponseException):
"""Indicate syntax or spam-prevention issues."""
def __init__(self, response):
"""Initialize a SpecialError exception instance.
:param response: A requests.response instance containing a message and a list of
special errors.
self.response = response
resp_dict = self.response.json() # assumes valid JSON
self.message = resp_dict.get("message", "")
self.reason = resp_dict.get("reason", "")
self.special_errors = resp_dict.get("special_errors", [])
PrawcoreException.__init__(self, f"Special error {self.message!r}")
class TooLarge(ResponseException):
"""Indicate that the request data exceeds the allowed limit."""
class TooManyRequests(ResponseException):
"""Indicate that the user has sent too many requests in a given amount of time."""
def __init__(self, response):
"""Initialize a TooManyRequests exception instance.
:param response: A requests.response instance that may contain a retry-after
header and a message.
self.response = response
self.retry_after = response.headers.get("retry-after")
self.message = response.text # Not all response bodies are valid JSON
msg = f"received {response.status_code} HTTP response"
if self.retry_after:
msg += (
f". Please wait at least {float(self.retry_after)} seconds "
"before re-trying this request."
PrawcoreException.__init__(self, msg)
class UnavailableForLegalReasons(ResponseException):
"""Indicate that the requested URL is unavailable due to legal reasons."""
class URITooLong(ResponseException):
"""Indicate that the length of the request URI exceeds the allowed limit."""