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"""prawtools.alert provides the reddit_alert command.
This command will alert you when chosen keywords appear in reddit comments.
from __future__ import print_function
import re
import sys
import praw
from .helpers import AGENT, arg_parser, check_for_updates
def quick_url(comment):
"""Return the URL for the comment without fetching its submission."""
def to_id(fullname):
return fullname.split('_', 1)[1]
return ('{}/comments/{}/_/{}?context=3'
.format(comment.subreddit.display_name, to_id(comment.link_id),
def main():
"""Provide the entry point into the reddit_alert program."""
usage = 'Usage: %prog [options] KEYWORD...'
parser = arg_parser(usage=usage)
parser.add_option('-s', '--subreddit', action='append',
help=('When at least one `-s` option is provided '
'(multiple can be) only alert for comments in the '
'indicated subreddit(s).'))
parser.add_option('-I', '--ignore-user', action='append', metavar='USER',
help=('Ignore comments from the provided user. Can be '
'supplied multiple times.'))
parser.add_option('-m', '--message', metavar='USER',
help=('When set, send a reddit message to USER with the '
options, args = parser.parse_args()
if not args:
parser.error('At least one KEYWORD must be provided.')
session = praw.Reddit(, check_for_updates=False,
if options.message:
msg_to = session.redditor(options.message)
# Build regex
args = [x.lower() for x in args]
reg_prefix = r'(?:^|[^a-z])' # Any character (or start) can precede
reg_suffix = r'(?:$|[^a-z])' # Any character (or end) can follow
regex = re.compile(r'{}({}){}'.format(reg_prefix, '|'.join(args),
reg_suffix), re.IGNORECASE)
# Determine subreddit or multireddit
if options.subreddit:
subreddit = '+'.join(sorted(options.subreddit))
subreddit = 'all'
print('Alerting on:')
for item in sorted(args):
print(' * {}'.format(item))
print('using the comment stream:{}/comments'
# Build ignore set
if options.ignore_user:
ignore_users = set(x.lower() for x in options.ignore_user)
ignore_users = set()
for comment in session.subreddit(subreddit).stream.comments():
if and in ignore_users:
match =
if match:
keyword =
url = quick_url(comment)
print('{}: {}'.format(keyword, url))
if options.message:
'Reddit Alert: {}'.format(keyword),
'{}\n\nby /u/{}\n\n---\n\n{}'.format(
url,, comment.body))
except KeyboardInterrupt: