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# encoding: utf-8
# If you only need to load some pages from another PDF, you can accomplish it
# with the <code>start_new_page</code> method. You may pass it a
# <code>:template</code> option with the path for an existing pdf and a
# <code>:template_page</code> option to specify which page to load.
# You can also load a <code>:template</code> using a URI:
# <code>require 'open-uri'</code>
# <code>start_new_page(:template => open('url_for_your.pdf'))</code>
# The following example loads some pages from an existing PDF. If we don't
# specify the <code>:template_page</code> option, the first page of the template
# PDF will be loaded. That's what happens on the first load below. Then we load
# a page by specifying the <code>:template_page</code> option and then we do it
# again this time adding some content to the loaded page.
require File.expand_path(File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__),
%w[.. example_helper]))
filename = File.basename(__FILE__).gsub('.rb', '.pdf')
Prawn::Example.generate(filename) do
text "Please scan the next 3 pages to see the page templates in action."
move_down 10
text "You also might want to look at the pdf used as a template: "
url = ""
move_down 10
formatted_text [{:text => url, :link => url}]
filename = "#{Prawn::DATADIR}/pdfs/form.pdf"
start_new_page(:template => filename)
start_new_page(:template => filename, :template_page => 2)
start_new_page(:template => filename, :template_page => 2)
fill_color "FF8888"
text_box "John Doe", :at => [75, cursor-75]
text_box "", :at => [75, cursor-105]
text_box "John Doe inc", :at => [75, cursor-135]
text_box "You didn't think I'd tell, did you?", :at => [75, cursor-165]
fill_color "000000"
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