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Repeat PDF template on every page #375

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It would be nice to have a PDF template repeated on every page. For example, I have a single page PDF file with a header graphics containing company logo. It would be nice to use this page as a template for all pages. Currently, if I create a document with template: /path/to.pdf option, it only puts it on the first page.


you can assign a template when you create a new page

start_new_page(:template => filename.pdf)


@mopx that's cool, thank you. The only problem in my case is that I do not deliberately create pages. I just output text and images and pages are added automatically. Is there a way to tell Prawn to use the PDF as a template each time a new page needs to be added?


I have the same issue. I've got a table that has a lot of data and it'll automatically create a new page. But it'll call start_new_page without any options.

def move_past_bottom
  if @document.page_number == @document.page_count
    @document.go_to_page(@document.page_number + 1)

document/column_box.rb has a similar problem but doesn't affect my issue.

Looks like if this is the same issue that I'm having. this is a duplicate with #273


Suggestion by Aristata that I found in the google groups for a work around with a few modifications.

Define a method start_new_page(options)

def start_new_page(options={})
  opts = options.reverse_merge({
    :template => @path_to_template,
    :template_page => @template_page

Same problem with template without using start_new_page command, when I print a list of products more than 1 page the template doesn't appear the template on other pages.

It ill be a good improve if symbol :template works like :top_magin on behavior. The :top_margin on create of pdfs is working on all pages printed.

prawnpdf member

I can imagine having another option for a new document name :page_template that would use that page_template whenever start_new_page is called internally. We would need to store the template reference somewhere (DocumentState?).

prawnpdf member
yob commented

I agree that this would definitely need to be an addition to the API - not all users want the template to apply to new pages automatically.

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