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I am currently working with Ruby v1.9.2p290 and Rails 3.2.8.
I installed prawn with 'gem install prawn', dans I can see now in my gems list. It is called 'prawn (0.12.0)'.

In this way, I restart my Rails application, and I tried to use prawn with this example :
require 'prawn'

Prawn::Document.generate("test.pdf") do
text "test "

However, it failed and the following error was raised :
Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 29ms
LoadError (no such file to load -- prawn):
app/controllers/devisdatelms_controller.rb:28:in `index'

Does someone have an idea about the cause of this problem ? My Google searches don't bring me some convincing results...


prawnpdf member

If you're using Rails 3, you should put prawn in your Gemfile (and bundle install) rather than just installing it directly. Bundler isolates your gems, so you won't be able to use it from your Rails application if it's not part of your Gemfile.

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Understood. Thank you for the quick answer, it works perfectly now !

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