Display part of a table and span it to the next page #667

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See this mailing list thread: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/prawn-ruby/6VL2dv55ejM

I have a need to create a table that spans multiple pages for a transaction list. However, I'd like to constrain the table on the first page to a small section of the page, and flow to the remainder of the pages. See the attached mock-up:



I agree that this is a problem that deserves to be solved. Further research or pull requests by others is welcome, because right now my backlog is fairly long and mostly full of boring but important stabilization work.


Another note: I added an "issue acknowledged" tag to this ticket. Although we don't track most feature requests in our issue tracker, I think it makes sense to add tickets for things like this that clearly represent a limitation of Prawn that isn't easy to overcome without some rework and design consideration.


I am closing all issues for Prawn::Table, because it is being extracted into its own gem with its own repository (https://github.com/prawnpdf/prawn-table).

As I close tickets, I'm marking them with a "table" tag, so that @hbrandl can easily find them and optionally move them over to the prawn-table issue tracker. Anything that has the table tag can be assumed to have been unresolved at the time I closed it.

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