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Prawn is a pure Ruby PDF generation library that aims to make low level PDF generation tasks easy. We are currently preparing for a 1.0 release in the not too distant future. The library should be mostly feature complete and reasonably stable, but you may encounter a few unresolved bugs, outdated documentation, and missing corner cases in our featureset from time to time.

Getting Started

A good way to see actual code and what it produces, check out the self-documenting manual

Keeping Track of Changes.

Prawn changes rapidly, and API compatibility may break on every release. Please be sure to read the CHANGELOG on every new release, large or small. For more about our long-term plans, you can also see our Development Roadmap.

If you are looking for more real-time info, you should keep an eye on the Prawn mailing list, and watch us here on Github. We do not have an official policy about notifying users of breaking changes on the bleeding edge, but you’re welcome to ask questions as you see new things shaping up.

Reporting Issues

Please use our bug trackers, here on github.

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