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Ex1 - Basics
Ex2 - Video
Ex3 - Audio
Ex4 - TinkerForge

Praxis LIVE example projects

This repository contains some example projects which should give you a basic introduction to Praxis LIVE - if reading on GitHub, use the Download ZIP link to the right.

These projects can be opened in the Projects tab in Praxis LIVE. Once the project is open, right click on the project and select Run to run it, or use the play button in the toolbar. The easiest way to stop everything is to restart the hub (red circular arrow).

NB. Closing a window will not remove the project components from the Praxis LIVE hub - you can see the various root components within the Hub Manager tab at the bottom left. Make sure to use the Restart Hub action between running each example. This will be the most likely reason a project will appear not to run (it is possible to run multiple projects at once, as long as they don't try to create components with the same address, but it's better to ignore this for now!). You can double-click on individual root components within the Hub Manager to stop and restart them.

With all of these projects, you can open the .pxr files into the graphical editor and play around with them as they run. Highlight or double-click a component to change its properties. Drag components from the palette to add them to the graph, drag to connect ports together, or right-click and select delete to remove any highlighted components or connections. Hover over the top tab of a component to find out its type (as shown in the palette), or connections to find out where they go. Ctrl-mousewheel to zoom in and out, or navigate using the satellite view at the bottom right.

Most components you can access and alter their code on-the-fly. Right-click on the top tab of the component and click Edit code.


Basics /

hello world

A simple patch which runs white noise through a mask image to spell out "Hello World" (well, there had to be one! :-) ). Open up video.pxr to see the graph.


A simple slideshow demonstrating how to use core:array:iterator to cycle through a folder of images, and video:snapshot to fade between images.

audio gui

Demostrating Praxis LIVE's audio playback and custom GUI control panels. Try triggering sounds with the buttons, altering the filter on the drumbeat with the XY pad, and controlling gain and distortion with the sliders.

Open audio.pxr to play with the audio graph, or gui.pxr to edit the control panel. Notice how the GUI editor hijacks the control panel from its separate window. Switch on the edit overlay to modify the GUI.

video input

Requires webcam and GStreamer installed

Simple webcam input with a couple of animated "negative" bars.

video player

Requires GStreamer installed

Video playback on to a number of 3D transformed surfaces.

No video file included! Select one of your own using the GUI.

mouse drawing

Simple example showing how to access the mouse and keyboard from inside P2D and P3D components (requires v3.3+). Drag the mouse to draw, move the mouse to rotate, press C to clear the screen.


Simple example of transforming data (in this case geometry) - requires v3.3+



Requires webcam and GStreamer installed

Simple GLSL video filter with animated shader values.

smoky 3d

"Smoky" shader effect textured on to a 3D shape using video:gl:p3d to access the Processing renderer.

Shape ported from

rocket mandala

Loading and animating .OBJ files.


Simple geometric animation ported from a Pharo Smalltalk example by Serge Stinckwich ( Good example for starting to experiment with code changes. Also includes a 3D variation.

cube spheres

Two shaders from GLSL Sandbox ( composited with some simple geometry (thanks Max D!)


jazzy synthesis

Showing the audio coding features (substractive and PM synthesis) and the use of the new tracker component for sequencing. A few core:array:iterator components are used to create a constantly changing improvisation.

Synths from this project are available in the custom components collection.

funky origami

Showing new features in v3 for working with binary data. A custom FFT component sends frequency data to be rendered as 3D shapes.

blob theremin

Requires webcam and GStreamer installed

A simple blob tracking example controlling a sine wave. Give the camera 10s to adjust to the background before you start moving!

live coder

An example / base project for live-coding music with Praxis LIVE. Edit code on the live-coder component and experiment with uncommenting lines (CTRL-/) and saving (CTRL-S).

Uses some samples from the excellent FoxDot live-coding project ( You can change the samples to suit, and extend the project however you want. Note the various methods based on Trigger and Linkables to help build up sequences, and the use of transmit() to change synth parameters.


Praxis LIVE interfaces with TinkerForge (sensors, servos, LCD screens and more) -

hello world

Simple interfacing with LCD screen. Requires LCD20x4 bricklet and (optional) rotary poti bricklet.

hello world adv

Control audio and text using the buttons on the LCD module. Requires LCD20x4 bricklet.


Simple flashing LED example. Requires IO16 bricklet hooked up to an LED!

tf custom code

Using core:custom module to translate audio levels for the LCD display. Requires LCD20x4 bricklet.