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Custom Components

SubGraph (.pxg) files are a way of reusing and sharing custom components or groups of components for use with Praxis LIVE


Download the latest zip file and extract the contents. Drag .pxg files into your patch from the File Browser tab, or import them into your palette (choose Import from the popup menu on palette categories).


Under active development - lots more to come! Components marked experimental may not be well tested or fully functional.


Components that can be used in any graph (audio, video, tinkerforge, etc.).

  • seconds.pxg - output running time in seconds.
  • array-map.pxg (experimental) - map a range from 0 to 1 to values in an array.
  • normalize.pxg (experimental) - normalize incoming signals to between 0 and 1.


Components that can be used in any graph, but should really only be used in a generic data patch (root:data).

  • file-listener.pxg (experimental) - given an absolute path to a (text) file, will load and send the contents, then listen and reload/resend on file changes. Can be connected to core:routing:send to send updated code to another component.


Components that can be used in any audio graph.

  • mixer-6s.pxg - stereo 6-channel mixer.
  • mono-kit.pxg - simple 6-sample player with triggers and levels. Useful for drum samples.
  • synth-base.pxg - basis for a monophonic synthesizer.
  • synth-duo-osc.pxg - monophonic analog style synthesizer with two oscillators and resonant filter with envelope modulation.
  • synth-pm3.pxg - monophonic phase-modulation synthesizer.


Components that can be used in any video graph.

  • colourbalance.pxg - alter the rgb balance of a video input.
  • xform.pxg - 2D transform (translate, scale, rotate) a video input.
  • framerate.pxg (experimental) - measure framerate of video passing through component.


Video components that can only be used with the OpenGL renderer.


TinkerForge binding components.

  • rotary-encoder.pxg - binding for the rotary encoder bricklet.

Create your own SubGraph (.pxg) file

Simply select the component(s) you wish to reuse within the patcher window, right-click and select Export to save a PXG file. You can then drag this file from the File Manager into the patcher window, or import into the palette.

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